Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading List

  • Night Falls Fast – Understanding Suicide: by Kay Redfield Jamison
  • Suicide: The Forever Decision: By Paul G. Quinnett
  • Why I Jumped: by Wanda Dyson
  • Suicide-Why?: by Adina Wrobleski
  • Waking Up: Climbing through the Darkness: by Terry L. Wise
  • When Nothing Matters Anymore: A Survivor Guide for Depressed Teens: by Ben Cobain
  • Suicide in Later Life – Recognizing Signs: by Nancy J. Osgood, Lexington Books, 1992
  • How I Stayed Alive While My Brain Was Trying to Kill Me: by Susan Rose Blauner, HarperColling Publishers Inc.,2002
  • November of the Soul: The Enigma of Suicide: by George Howe Colt, Scribner, 2006
  • The Suicidal Mind: by Edwin S. Shneidman, New York: Oxford University Press, 1996
  • Why People Die By Suicide:  Thomas Joiner, First Harvard University Press, 2007