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Bristol County 2015 Regional Coalition Highlights

Nine Leadership Awards were presented to individuals who have had a positive impact on suicide prevention within Bristol and Plymouth Counties. Multiple new contacts were gathered from this event—attended by 110 people– for coalition membership and trainings, and pre and post press coverage reached several thousand people within both counties and beyond.

The BCRCSP presented a workshop at the DPH Annual Suicide Prevention Conference to introduce the Re-Energize & Re-Connect Workshop Programs and the upcoming workbook for friends and family of suicide attempt survivors, “Is This the Night?” This workshop was replicated in early May at the Colorado Suicide Prevention Summit – Bridging the Divide.

Provided safeTALK training FY15 for 120 adults & teen participants combined.

A Community Conversation – Talking to Your Teens about the Suicide Loss of a Friend event was attended by 62 parents & community leaders, including state representatives, the mayor and city council members. This event was followed by a local cable access program reviewing the content of the presentation. The PowerPoint was submitted to Taunton Public Schools to add to their online resources for parents.

 September 2014, the BCRCSP held the 5th Annual Light the Way Suicide Prevention Walk in Taunton. All time & printed materials were in-kind. BCRCSP covered the costs of food. 181 people participated

The BCRCSP collaborated with the Greater Taunton Violence Prevention Task Force and New Hope, Inc. to present a community based special event on Domestic Violence, Cyberbullying & Suicide attended by 50 adults & teens. This event garnered substantial press & social media coverage as well as a follow up local cable access program, reaching several thousand people.

In partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, The BCRCSP hosted ASIST trainings in December, January and April in Raynham, East Freetown & Taunton.