Suicide Prevention in the State budget:

The Conference Committee budget included $4,340,051 for suicide prevention line item 4513-1026 in their FY18 budget.

This represents an increase from the previous FY17 budget ($4.13M). We are grateful to Governor Baker, to all of the legislators in the House and Senate for prioritizing the necessary prevention, intervention and post-vention services this line item supports, as well as our members who called, emailed and wrote to articulate the importance of maintaining suicide prevention resources in their communities and across the state. Thank you!


The MCSP greatly appreciates the efforts of our members who placed calls, wrote letters and sent emails in support of the line item, as well as the significant support from legislators who continue to advocate for suicide prevention funding in Massachusetts.

Announcement: On July 5, the White House reversed its longstanding policy of not sending condolence letters to the families of service members who die by suicide while deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and other combat zones.

About us | Advo­cacy at the state level | Advocacy at the regional and community level

About us:

The mission of the Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention (MCSP) is to prevent suicide through statewide advocacy and collaboration. The MCSP and its members advocate for suicide prevention resources in Massachusetts, and serve as a network for sharing resources and information on preventing suicide and self-harm. The Coalition also helps convene and strengthen community and regional suicide prevention coalitions around the Commonwealth.

Massachusetts’ advocacy and action for suicide prevention started in 1998, and paralleled the national suicide prevention effort. Since convening in 1999, the Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention has been one of the most effective statewide suicide coalitions in the US, obtaining the highest level of government funding of any state and engaging wide-ranging legislative and executive branch support for suicide prevention.

The MCSP supports and develops effective suicide prevention initiatives through leadership and advocacy, promoting collaborations among organizations, developing and recommending policy, and promoting research and program development. Advocacy is critical to maintain and increase support for suicide prevention at the state, regional, and community levels. We can each contribute to reducing the public health burden of suicide and self-injury through advocacy.

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Advocacy at the state level:

  • Support line-item 4513-1026 for suicide prevention in the Department of Public Health’s budget. Let your State Representative and State Senator know this line item is important to you, and why.
  • Become familiar with the Massachusetts Strategic Plan for Suicide Prevention and its policy-related goals:
  • Participate in MCSP Policy / Advocacy training to learn effective advocacy for suicide prevention.
  • Attend the annual MCSP State House Event, to show the public face of suicide and related prevention efforts and express your support.
  • Follow MCSP advocacy alerts and contact your legislators as needed to support line-item 4513-1026 through the budget process.
  • Join with others from the Coalition to visit your State Representative and Senator and engage them in supporting suicide prevention.
  • Nurture relationships with legislators to stay connected to legislative efforts related to suicide prevention, and invite them to speak about suicide prevention in your region and community.
  • Use blogs and social media to highlight the importance of suicide prevention.
  • Thank legislators, members of the Executive Branch, and other statewide policy makers for supporting suicide prevention.

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Advocacy at the regional and community level:

  • Attend meetings of your community or regional suicide prevention coalition.
  • Meet with your elected and appointed city/town officials and ask them to support suicide prevention in the community and statewide.
  • Host a suicide prevention event in your community. Invite public officials to these events to raise their awareness.
  • Encourage local planning boards and community services to participate in suicide prevention.
  • Share the Massachusetts Strategic Plan for Suicide Prevention in your community –
  • Thank your regional and local policy makers for supporting suicide prevention.

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You can find your state legislators at this link:

The more people who actively support our efforts, the more impact we will have in preventing suicide. If you would like to become a member of the MCSP, please click here.